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Your employees work hard for you. Shouldn’t you provide them with the best possible employee benefits package? Credit union services are a highly valued benefit that costs nothing to offer but can save your employees hundreds of dollars per year in fewer and lower fees, better loan rates, and higher account returns.

Members Credit Union services are not only a great way to take care of your workforce, but at absolutely no cost to you, a great way to take care of your bottom line. Over 400 North Carolina companies have chosen to offer this great benefit to their employees — why not reward your workers too?

Your company can affiliate with Members CU at no cost. In addition, there is no membership fee for any of your employees who decide to join the credit union.

How to affiliate with Members CU as a Sponsor Company:

Affiliating with Members CU is easy. Simply complete a letter on your organization’s letterhead stating your company would like to offer Members CU as a benefit to your employees. Send the letter to Members Credit Union, Attn: Tanya Council, PO Box 5297, Winston-Salem NC, 27113.

Members CU’s Board of Directors reviews your request for approval. Upon approval, the application is submitted to the Credit Union Division of North Carolina. Once the Credit Union Division approves your request, your employees are eligible to join.

To learn more about Members CU or how we can be a benefit to your employees, please contact one of the Members CU representatives below. We would love to organize an employee meeting, enrollment, or presentation for you or your staff.

Tanya Council
Director of Member Experience
(800) 951-8000, x1139

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