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Regular Savings

Regular Savings Account

Members CU takes a simple approach to saving. We offer our members an account with a low minimum balance requirement of only $25. The initial deposit is only $25. Every month that your average daily balance meets or exceeds the $25 minimum, you will earn a competitive dividend rate, and we will waive the $3 maintenance fee. That way, you save, earn a dividend and pay zero monthly fees. You will also still have complete access to all of Members CU’s free member benefits like MEMCU Online, Tell-Com and eStatements.

Now that you have a Savings Account you can start saving automatically through payroll deduction, automatic transfers from your Members CU Checking Account, mailing in your check deposit, or by making a deposit at any of our branch locations. Access your account and make withdrawals at any branch location, at an ATM using your Members CU Cash Card, by calling any office during normal business hours to request that a withdrawal check be mailed to you, or by using TELL-COM to request a withdrawal check.

How to Open an Account

To open an account, you must be a member. Find out about membership eligibility on our Join MCU page. If you meet eligibility requirements, you can join and open an account online or print out a Membership Application and take it to the nearest MCU branch location. Existing members may fill out a Subsequent Action form to open new products. Call 1800-951-8000 (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) when you need assistance.

Federally Insured by the NCUA

The National Credit Union Administration federally insures all deposits in Members Credit Union to at least $250,000.

Need Assistance?

Call 1 (800) 951-8000

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