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The next time you purchase a new or used vehicle, arm yourself with a Members CU pre-approved auto loan. Find out how much you can afford and what your monthly payments will be before the dealer has a chance to rope you into an expensive auto purchasing deal. A pre-approval does not contractually obligate you to buy; it arms you with information that ensures you’ll get the best deal possible. In addition to loan pre-approval, we can provide you with price guides for all new vehicles, determine the retail and dealer cost of any new vehicle, and tell you the NADA retail and wholesale prices of new or used vehicles. No matter where you decide to finance your auto purchase, we’re happy to help our members find the best deal possible.

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Financing a vehicle at Members CU is simple. We offer the same low rates for both new and used automobiles. You can also save money by refinancing your auto loan currently with another lender at the credit union. With all automobile loans Members CU can:

  • Finance up to 125% of the MSRP of a new vehicle.
  • Finance up to 125% of the  NADA clean retail value for a used vehicle.
  • Include taxes, tags, extended warranty, titling fees and GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) insurance in your loan.
  • Finance new and used vehicles for a maximum term of 84 months (minimum $125 monthly payment).

Low-Cost Extended Warranty Program

MCU also offers a low cost extended warranty program to our members. Our extended warranty is usually less expensive than similar programs at the car dealership while providing more extensive coverage.

Credit Life and Disability Insurance

All of our vehicle loans come with the option of purchasing payment protection insurance at a nominal fee. In the unfortunate event that you cannot work due to a fatal or disabling injury, your loan will be covered by this insurance. This is just another way Members Credit Union is looking out for you.

Guaranteed Asset Protection Insurance

Members CU offers Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) Insurance through TruStage on new and used auto purchases. If your vehicle is totaled due to an accident or theft, GAP insurance will pay the difference between actual cash value of your vehicle and the outstanding balance on your Members CU loan. If you use your GAP policy, TruStage will give you $1,000 for a down payment on your next vehicle, provided you finance at Members CU.


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