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A Money Market Account is perfect for the serious saver who wants to maximize earnings, minimize risk, and keep funds accessible. There is no penalty for withdrawal, and this account has the potential to pay a higher dividend rate than our regular savings account as long as you maintain a minimum balance of $500. During any month that the average daily balance falls between $25 and $500, dividends will be paid at the regular savings account rate. When the balance is below $25, there are no dividends paid, and a low balance fee will be charged to your account.

If you don’t have $500 to open a Money Market Account, you can open a Regular Savings Account with $25 and build your savings up to $500. Once you have saved $500, open a Money Market Account. You can easily save by having your money deposited into a Savings Account through payroll deduction or automatic transfer.

All deposits in Members Credit Union are federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration, a U.S. Government agency, for up to $250,000.

You can have your entire paycheck or a portion of your paycheck automatically deposited into a Savings or Checking Account at Members CU. There are two ways to allocate your direct deposit to more than one account. MCU’s Sponsor Companies already have designated payroll deduction forms. If you work for a Sponsor Company, contact your payroll department to obtain the correct forms or print the form online. However, If you are a member with a direct deposit who does not work for a Sponsor Company, call our member services department at 800-951-8000 to set up an automatic transfer to your Savings or Money Market Account. To find out if you work for a Sponsor Company, view the list here.

How to Open an Account

To open an account, you must be a member. Find out about membership eligibility on our Join MCU page. You may open the account online or print out a Membership Application and take it to the nearest MCU branch location. Existing members may fill out a Subsequent Action form to open new products—Call 1-800-951-8000 (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) when you need assistance.


Need Assistance?

Call 1 (800) 951-8000