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Home Equity Loans in Winston Salem, NC

Equity Access Credit Line

(Only available in North Carolina)
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Open an equity line of credit with our Equity Access Credit Lines, a ten-year, revolving line of credit from $10,000 to $100,000 to take care of current AND future borrowing needs. Credit lines are determined by the amount of equity in your home. They remain open for up to ten years and you have 15 years to pay the loan off completely.
Equity Access is a variable rate loan. Payment adjustments can occur monthly and at the time an advance is taken on the line of credit.

You may roll the closing costs of your Equity Access Loan into the loan proceeds. Some of the closing costs for an Equity Access line include a title opinion (only if Line of Credit exceeds $50,000). An appraisal may be required, as well as a flood certification.

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