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Prepaid Visa Debit Cards

Members CU offers two types of Prepaid Visa Debit Cards.

  1. Prepaid Visa Gift Card – This card can be loaded once in an amount from $10 to $1,000 for a fee of $2.50. You can use it at any merchant where Visa is accepted, get cashback, make withdrawals at the ATM for a fee and track your balance online through
  2. Reloadable Visa Gift Card – This card works just like the prepaid gift card, however, you can reload money to the card as needed and you can load up to $5,000 at one time. There is $2.50 fee to open the reloadable card and a $0.50 fee charged by Visa for reloading the card. You can call or visit an MCU branch to fund your card with your MCU account funds or fund the card online at (a three to five-day hold will be placed on funds when reloading online). The reloadable card has a monthly usage fee of $1.75 a month (until the card’s value reaches $0).

You can purchase both prepaid cards at any Members CU branch location. To find a branch near you please visit our branch locator page.

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