Coming in January 2019: Better Online and Mobile Banking Experience

Happenings, Promotional | July 23, 2018

A Better Online and Mobile Banking Experience is Coming in January 2019
Make Sure to Update Your Contact Info with MCU

We are working on converting our online banking platform to a new system. We are excited to bring you a seamless online and mobile banking experience starting in January of 2019. Our new system will give you the ability to view and transfer money between all of your Members CU accounts. You’ll be able to navigate to our free bill pay site and pay bills from online and mobile banking securely without needing a second username and password. We also plan to release a peer to peer (p2p) payment service through online and mobile banking. This service will be offered to members with a checking account and VISA debit ATM Card in good standing with Members CU. All of these features and more will be available in January 2019.

Help Us Provide a Successful Transition by Updating Your Information!

Please make sure that Members CU has your most current and up to date contact information on file so that your enrollment into the new system goes smoothly. This will ensure that you can get your one-time passcode easily and enroll in the new system fast!

Call us at 800-951-8000, or send us a secured message through MCU@Home to make sure we have your current email address, mobile phone number, and home number. If you change any of this information before January 2019 please make sure to update us!

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