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Characteristics of the Millionaires Next Door

Characteristics of the Millionaires Next Door The habits and values of wealthy Americans. Provided by Richard Davis   Just how many millionaires… Read More

Free Yourself From Cable Television

How to cut the cord and find cheaper entertainment options. A Step By Step Guide to Cutting Cable (and Staying Entertained) Cable is… Read More

How Millennials Can Get a Good Start on Retirement Planning

Some simple steps may make a major financial difference over time.  Provided by Richard Davis  If you are younger than 35, saving for retirement… Read More

Christmas Club Funds Disbursed in November

Members who elect to receive a check for Christmas Club funds, and have a balance of $100 or more*,  can expect to receive a Christmas… Read More

Financial Priorities Young Families Should Address

Wise money moves for parents under 40.  Provided by Richard Davis  As you start a family, you start to think about certain financial… Read More

Six Ways to Protect Your ID After the Equifax Fiasco

The Equifax breach has put more than 140 million people’s identity at risk, and by now you’ve probably visited Equifax to determine if… Read More

Frugal Back-to-School Shopping Tips

As the summer season winds down, the start of a new school year is fast approaching. Every new school year presents new challenges and opportunities… Read More

Financial Aid Award Letters are Like Donuts

Three tips to help families compare letters. Like donuts, college can take a lot of dough. These tips can help families 1) dig into… Read More

Five Things You Need to Know About Personal Savings

“Why should I save for retirement?” Many Americans look forward to their retirement years, which can be a time for traveling, spending time with… Read More

College Scholarships, Grants and Loans – What do they Cover?

Students and their families have plenty of options to consider when it comes to paying for college tuition. From scholarships to grants to loans, filling… Read More

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